Highlights of the PCPNDT Symposium
Venue Hotel REGALIS (old Hotel RAMA), Lavelle Road, Bangalore
Date Sep 4th, 2011 (Sunday) – 11.00 am – 2.00 pm

Conducted in the presence of Dr. Prakash Gupta, President of the state advisory committee under PC&PNDT  Act. The Bangalore urban district Appropriate Authority did not attend the meeting.

Dr. Prakash Gupta conducted the meeting very well, patiently answering the various doubts, queries and grievance.

The following points were brought out by him. 
  • Regarding training -
    • Radiologists can practice obstetric ultrasound.       
    • ObGyn post graduate degree holders - 4 weeks training and 6 months working undersupervision.      
    • MBBS doctors - 6 months training and 1 year working under supervision.

  • According to him the Government has yet not identified any recognised training centre, despite the commitee's recommendation.
  • He elaborated on the record keeping - Importance of F forms / Scan register with the details as per the act to be in the centre / monthly submission of scan details to the Appropriate authority / exhibiting the registration certificate, posters on female feticide etc in prominent areas including inside the scan room. 
  • No CDs to be given to patients. Mobile phones / cameras not to be carried by patient / relative into the scan room.
  • All machines including the machines if its kept for demos should be included in the Form B.
  • The only noteworthy recent amendment, he says,  is that,  previously,  machines when seized can be retrieved back after paying the required fine but now it goes to the court and till its cleared from there, machine will be sealed.  Also any centre doing obstetric ultrasound without registration.
    under the act will be seized straight away.
  • No photos including those of GOD should not be in the scan room!
This was in essence the meeting, despite MUSK sending nearly 300 mailers , less than 50 doctors attended!

Some of the members however had come from outstation, Tumkur, Chitradurga, Kolar, Kollegal etc. 

Dr Prakash Gupta expressed his disappointment in strong words on the poor attendence for such an important meeting.

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